Hi, I'm Makayla and I just graduated High School. I am chocolate lover, netflix binger, dog lover but most of all, I am extremely passionate when it comes to photography. I started photography just in June of 2015 with my moms Nikon Coolpix. Became very interested in taking photos of nature after a year of I was able to buy my own DSLR. I started to improve little by little and will always be looking for ways to grow into being a better photographer. I found a group of friends who also enjoyed taking photos and almost every weekend we would take some friends out to model for us. This is when I started to get into taking photographs of people. Portraits were a new to me but I suddenly became in love with emotions and moods. I work hard to make my work something you want to post on Instagram and print in your home. At the end  of the day, I like to sit down and spend time editing my photographs.